Welcome to CTLS 2025

We're excited to invite you to join us at the CTLS 2025 Congress happening in the beautiful city of Brno! This gathering is going to be an excellent opportunity, bringing together core facility administrators, managers, researchers, and professionals to talk, collaborate, and dive into why core facilities are key to shaping the scientific world. Don't miss out!

Meet Brno Genius Loci

After an intellectually stimulating programme, you will have the opportunity to taste Brno, explore its culture and historical charm, follow in the footsteps of Gregor Johann Mendel or just soak up the atmosphere of Brno innovation ecosystem – know that Brno is the Mecca of electron microscopy, a cybersecurity hub, becoming the capital of the European gaming industry and the centre of the Czech space industry.




Registration open

September 2024

Early registration deadline

February 2025

Abstract submission deadline

March 2025





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